Super Absorbent Pet Bathrobe

Super Absorbent Pet Bathrobe

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Main fabric composition: polyester fiber  Worried about your
dog catching a cold
after a bath or
shower and not
drying their coat in

The Super
Absorbent Pet
Bathrobe has super
absorbency and can
be used as a towel
to dry your pet's
fur or as a bathrobe/coat/nightshirt for warmth and comfort.

Super Absorbency
Made from soft, breathable polyester that absorbs water quickly, this pet
bathing suit will help you save more time caring for your pet after a rainy
day bath, shower or walk to avoid them getting cold or smelly.

Velcro Strap Design
The pet bathrobe comes with adjustable Velcro fasteners on the back for
easy opening/closing. A very convenient design that offers a comfortable
fit and better suits your dear pet.

Multi-purpose Pet Covering Cloth
Multi-purpose pet coverall, can be used as a pet bathrobe / pajamas / pet
towel / pet warm coat, keep warm and your pet can walk or run freely as if
wearing a coat.