Puff™ One Hitter Bat

Puff™ One Hitter Bat

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Smooth & smoky puff in a breeze!

Get the best hit you need with our Puff™ One Hitter Bat! Your on-the-go and the coolest pipe in the market! The cool-puff technology also allows for a cooler and smoother feeling up to 30%.

Our one hitter bat lets you easily load, smoke and cleanly eject ash with its spring-loaded handle - giving you a smooth hit every time!

Specially designed built-in filter that effectively minimizes harmful substances while delivering quality, concentrated puffs with a strong output. 

Very travel-friendly, sleek and lightweight with a convenient ejector, it’s easy to use anywhere, any time. 

Durable made with premium aluminum for long-lasting & reliable use; anti-rust, non-toxic and safe for everyday use. Available in different metallic colors, perfect match to your best style.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Black, Rose Gold, Pink, Gun Silver, Silver, Green


  • 1pc x Puff™ One Hitter Bat